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The · Order · of · the · Phoenix

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Can you guarantee that this channel is really secured?
I might prefer to use this rather than my personal WWC since I'm writing from here, and with the spell's unknown status - I just want to make sure that is all right to share news that comes in here once in a while.

Plus, I don't want the children to be anxious or anything.


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Did you guys do anything about this?
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Although I have my doubts as to the worth of this system, I have managed to procure us a channel on the WWC. I have been assured that this means of communication is private and secure.

I would like to remind all Order members who own a WWC notebook that these devices are given out to any witch or wizard, therefore, it is not possible to know exactly who has one and who does not. Use caution and common sense, and I see no reason why we cannot utilise this network, to an extent.

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